Getting Started

In order to begin using Empower, you will need to utilize some of the most popular crypto applications.

  • 1. Get one of these Compatible Browsers

    You will need one of these modern web browsers in order to access and utilize our dashboard properly.

    2. Install Metamask on your Browser

    Install the official Metamask browser extension on your compatible browser.

    Google Chrome

    Edge Browser

    Brave Browser


    3. Metamask Setup

    Follow the instructions on your Metamask extension to get your wallet setup!

    When you are done, you can return to the Empower dashboard to complete your Account and Wallet setup!

  • 1. Get one of these compatible Mobile Wallets

    You will only need one of these compatible wallets in order to begin using Empower.

    Note: It doesn’t matter which one you use, as long as they can support BNB / BSC assets!

    2. Set up your Wallet

    Follow the instructions on the app to set up your wallet.

    3. Complete Wallet Setup on Empower

    Copy & Paste your wallet address into the Empower Dashboard on the Wallet Setup page.